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"Iron (Fe) is the second most common metal on Earth, and the most widely-used metal by humans. It is element 26, a transition metal in Group 8. Its symbol is Fe, from the Latin word for iron, ferrum. Its atomic number is 26 and its mass number is 55.85.
It is used a lot because it is very strong and cheap. Iron is the main ingredient used to make steel. Raw iron is attracted to magnets, but it is not actually a magnet, however it can be used to make an electromagnet." Read the whole article at Wikipedia

Iron - Periodic Table of Videos

Uploaded on Apr 12, 2010
Iron and thermite.

Iron Mining

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How is Iron mined?

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Minnesota Iron Range open pit mines

Took a couple of trips over the iron range to explore some of the operating pits and old closed mine. Was interesting to see such large machinery working.

Iron Manufacturing

How It's Made Ductile Iron Pipe

Cool Stuff being Made: The Iron Shop

The Science Channel Videos: Cast Iron Cookware