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The chemistry of wood

Uploaded by DanRidleyEllis on Apr 25, 2011
Visit Glasgow University to find out about the chemistry of wood. Discover what makes up the rings and why the tree changes the properties of the wood it grows as it gets older. The study of the material properties of wood is called "wood science".

Woodworking Information : Different Types of Wood

When beginning woodworking projects, the first step is picking the right wood for the craft; to select wood, research the different types of wood, such as white pine, walnut, ash, beechwood, maple and mahogany. Discover rare types of wood to use in woodworking, such as zebra and bubinga, in this free video from an award-winning woodworker on basic carpentry.

Industrial Sawmill in Operation

Industrial Sawmill in Operation. Located in the Adirondacks Park, Stratford New York